Understanding How Google and Other Search Engines Work

The commonest and maybe the greatest  mistake any web business owner would ever make online is getting their business online than they sit back wait for miracles to happen. This deduces to a mistake because if no one can find the existence of your site or the product that you sell online, then, you cannot make any money.

Whether your product or service is one of those popular or demanded stuffs, just know that you’ll never make sales as the money is in people who can come and see what you are offering.

It is not surprising to say that there are other top sites that are competing with you hence customers are not likely to find your site instead goes for theirs.

This means that they can’t buy from you and your business will fail. To avoid such downfalls, it is important once your website is live; let the search engines find your site. And this brings us to the topic of our article today –understanding the how Google and other search engines works or operates.

Search engines (Google included), have a large database of web links fsearch enginesrom different locations that contain gateway to various information online. A searcher will enter certain keywords into a search engine, and the search engine will bring results related to the searched results. If your site provides content and is indexed by search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing (Now belongs to Microsoft), the user will find links to your site and hence find your site.

Now what if it is not known or not indexed by these search engines?

This translates that links to your website will not be part of their search result pages and won’t get the traffic you deserve. For those who have been online for long, organic traffic is what this mean and understand its important unlike other form of traffic loopholes. As for now

user searching

user searching

, let is explain the basic so that newbies get a pie of the knowledge.

How to let your page be indexed by search engines

To get their favor, there are some few steps to consider.

To end the nightmare of page cannot be found, do the following. Firstly, you need to know the keywords or phrases that are related to your product(s) or services. These are potential search words that any potential customers type into a search engine to find your products or services. They can be actual keywords or related.

Moreover, you’ll have to create a website around those keywords for your product(s) or services. This optimized it. Once your site is optimized, search engines will send their “spiders” or “robots” to “crawl” your pages. The information that they find on your will, these, they will report it to their database where users can get it.

These “robots” or “spiders” search millions of pages everyday and if your website is optimized properly, it will be picked.

Most search engines use different algorithms which are secret to index and categorize information.

Since these sites are businesses themselves, they seek to give best and relevant information to their users and therefore, mean your site should give quality content to appeal to them. The moment search engines find that your information is very vital to their users; they will reward you with large amount of targeted traffic whether at fee or free!

The working principle of search engines is that, the most helpful and relevant information is listed on top of the searched results while the rest follows in the order. Just like when you search, you will always click the top most results hence you get the idea.

For your website to meet such feats, make sure that your web pages are indexed well and I bet your business is going to bring you success as profits will be rolling into your bank account.

To your success!


One thought on “Understanding How Google and Other Search Engines Work

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